Seven inches plus one : put 1″ Hard Disk into the tablet

I decided to add a real Hard Disk in my 7″ tablet. In my (large) collection of used things, I found an USB disk, not flash, real microdrive. It was originally by 5GB, but I purchased on ebay one of 8GB (originally used in a professional camera) and changed. I didn’t used for years, but now I had the idea to check if it will fit inside my tablet. In the first picture you can see:
A) the external of the specified device
B) the device opened, and disk view
C) the device opened, with USB connector extracted; the circuit side is visible

My first operation was to connect the 4 wires from the device to the unused USB pads for second camera (that doesn’t exists in my model). After that, I moved the battery to gain some space in center of tablet. You can see this arrangement in the next picture:

Now I fixed with bi-adhesive tape the disk to the backplane of the display and this is shown in the next picture :

For closing the tablet was necessary to remove, with small cutter, two little plastic distancers, cause they was positioned on new battery assembly. This way, the case was closed perfectly. At first boot the new disk wasn’t recognized, so I booted again. Now it was recognized but there was some defect… it was formatted in bootable EXT2 and this may be the problem. I reformatted the disk with the Android menu and all was correct. Rebooted again to verify the disk will be automatically mounted and was OK. Also set the wifi connection (having added a 33 mm wire to enhance the antenna) and the signal was “excellent”. In the next picture you can see the new u-disk with 7.44 GB available ! The old man reflected in the screen it’s me 🙂