Programmer for Atmel ATtiny2313 (and others)

Simple programmer for Atmel AVR micro ATtiny2313. The only integrated circuit used is the 74HC00 (or 74HC132), then no pre-programmed element is needed to operate. The programmer can be connected to RS232 serial port or USB to RS232 converter. The control program for Windows is freely available for download, while the VB6 full sources, easily modifiable / expandable to meet other types of micros, can be obtained on request. My circuit has been published (in italian language, of course) on “CQ Elettronica” magazine in May 2010 issue. Look at the magazine for more details about the circuit and software operations.

The freely downloadable zip available at this link contains:
– Schema.pdf ; the electric diagram
– Top.pdf ; the PCB board design in 1:1 scale
– Foto.jpg ; the picture of the circuit mounted
– ; the setup for Windows application

Note: For installation on Win98SE, you may need to download from the Microsoft website the latest Visual Basic Runtime 6 (VBRun60sp6.exe).

Questions and answers:
2010, Oct 25
I have built your Simple Attiny2313 Atmel AVR Programmer. When I run it it comes back with a communication Error. Check the Clock or Power Supply. I am using a 5 volt DC Power supply. Also I couldn’t get a 74HC132 chip, and am using a 74LS132 chip, could this be the problem. Also I made up A serial Cable. Could you please let me have your DB9 Wiring for this Cable to fit your unit. DB9 to DB9.

Hello Neil. First of all, use HC series IC ; if you can’t find the 74HC132, please use a 74HC00 but NOT an LS series IC. This can’t work ‘cause the different input impedence makes the delay circuit timings out of specifications.
As second, make sure that the programmer circuit and the microcontroller under programming are both powered with the same supply (5V or 3V). The microcontroller MUST be powered to work !
Third: be sure that the microcontroller has its own oscillator connected to xt pins if you programmed the internal fuses for external clock !
The serial port connections are standard, you can attach a flat cable male / female connector to your PC. Look at the circuit schematic for details.
Hope this helps… bye