Invention #4: the WineCertifier

This device is based on olphactive cells of the dog, so if you don’t have one, please ask to your friends and then, when they made calm the dog, gently use a cutter to take a small, small slice of his nose. When you have cut the slice, probably the dog will bark and see you with much hate in his eyes, but explain him that it’s for a great experiment, then offer to meet a female pedigree dog as repair action. Well, when you have the nose slice, fullfilled of olphactive cells, you must connect it to a microcontroller. Take two copper wires and place them on the opposite faces of nose slide. Put an aluminium foil all around and leave just a little hole open, that will be your sensor’s active area. The microcontroller will be connected to LCD display for show you the results, but the internal memory is too small to contain all the samples needed for an accurate scanning of the substance under test. So, the micro communicates with a your smartphone via Bluetooth interface and the smartphone is connected to a huge database via internet.

How it works:
Turn on the device; a blinking led will inform you about the state of the device. If the led slowly turns on and off, then the device is sleeping (remember, it’s based on dog’s nose cells, so it will follow the dogs biorhytms). When the device is on, then go in a supermarket and go toward the drinks sector. Gently put the sensor on the bottle you want to scan and press the button on the device. The nose cells will activate immediatly and you can ear a sound like “sniff sniff” coming from the embedded loudspeaker. When this operation has been completed, the resultant raw data is sent, via internet, to the big database (it’s in Italy in  “Castelli Romani” zone). In a couple of hours you will receive the answer: the bottle is wine, or water or dish cleaning formula, or all of them put together. Then you can buy it or leave it, following your istinct. Hope you can find it useful. Ask me for free plans of the entire device… Bye

P.S. no dogs were injuried by this invention, until now…
and today is April first
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