“Fast Reading” teacher’s tool

This program has been developed as a teacher’s tool for “Fast Reading” technique. The purpose is to show on video some random numbers at a specific time. The user can modify the number of digits (tipically 3 to 6), the persistence of the digits on the screen (in 100 mS steps) and the interval from a number to the next (in 100 mS steps).  There is also the possibility to activate (with a checkbox) the sound, that is a metronome tick that is played every time a new number appears on the screen. Here is a screenshot :

fastread_ssI wrote this program with VB6 and tested on WinXP, but I think it will also run on newer Windows versions. The request for such tool comes from my son that is involved in PNL and similar (strange) things 🙂

Disclaimer : this is a demo program and has no warranties, nor support. I’m not responsible for any damage it can create to you and your computer if you try to install it, so use at your own risk…

I agreed with disclaimer terms and want to download the installation file clicking this link.

Update: I tried to install the application under Win7_64 and it worked. When executing the setup.exe you can see a warning like this :

awarningIt’s normal ; close all running applications and click OK.