Android tablet standing

Note: for additional programs for CNC, look at this link.

My tablet asked me for relax. After many modding and electronic surgery, it said “papi, I’m tired, can you build something to stay on and relax ?” . And I took pen and paper and wrote the G-code for my hobby CNC machine.
After grrings and rrrumbles I produced the stand for my tablet that you can see on the attached pictures. Please, note that the wrong cut isn’t an error in the G-code: I did that cut after the control PC was turned off, using my hands as the controller… So you can easily understand that I’m not a good mechanic… My tablet appreciated my work and promised to automatically look on the Internet for free tickets to Cancun, Mexico to make me a present 🙂

The first side cut :

Both sides cut :

Stand mounted :

Tablet now relaxing 🙂

Now, the original drawings…

and a short video of the tablet stand while creating on my hobby CNC machine.

standcnc di robotop

3 thoughts on “Android tablet standing

  1. Hi,

    I’m the proud owner of one of the Robotop Tablet Standings, and after having it a few months with almost daily usage I can review this Tablet Stand!

    The stand exists out of 2 flat parts, therefor it’s an ideal travel stand, unlike some other models I’ve seen and used! Using your tablet while it’s in the stand works also fine, the tablet won’t fall out of it’s stand easy.

    The design looks simple but it’s well thought through! Because it’s easy to dissassemble the stand and you could easily fit this tablet stand in your tablet’s case, it’s my favorite!



  2. Thank you, HcH ! At this moment, around the world, there are two of these stands… one is yours, the other mine 🙂 It’s just “limited edition” ahr ahr, for good friends.
    But I agreed, it’s easy to carry it in my bag, ‘cause is 2D flat when storing and comes 3D in one second for use !

  3. Hey Robotop!

    Limited edition you say! And mine is even personalised with my logo, making mine a limited limited edition? This thing will be worth tons of money in a few decades. It will be known as the hardest to find tablet stand for “oldskool” tablet collector’s 🙂

    Many thanks for the great tablet stand!


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