Invention #6: the (c) WaterShadow

This device is composed by an orange box of 36x24x12 cm. On the top of the box there is a solar cell, capable of charging the internal batteries and powering the electronic circuit inside; in the bottom part there are two small but powerful electric motors with propellers and two ultrasonic sensitive microphones. The internal part of the box is almost all available to the user: you can put in it your car’s keys, documents, usb keys, cellphone, bath towel etcetera. The all box is fully waterproof, thanks to neoprene seals. Another fundamental part of this invention is the wrist bracelet with special ultrasonic emitting capsule. When you want to swim and you have precious things, and you don’t want to leave them abandoned on the beach, put all inside your WaterShadow box and wear the bracelet. Then go into the water and take with you the orange box. When in the water, the box will follow you everywhere, using his double ultrasonic microphones for tracking your emitting bracelet. Have a nice swim and forget any problems.

Special notes:
1) If you swim too slowly, the WaterShadow can overtake you, and sometimes can play an “hurry up” with the embedded loudspeakers.
2) Some californian scientist asserts that the ultrasonic beep emitted by the bracelet can attract male sharks, but I can calm down you, it’s not true. It can attract only female whales.

P.S. Have a nice April First and eat some mellons taken from my tree

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