ASUS tablet TF101 bootstrap

My son has a tablet… while I have all low-cost clone devices, he has an expensive Asus TF101 model. Obviously, it wasn’t purchased by me 🙂 but has been received as birthday’s gift. Well, this tablet is fast, powerful, elegant, really better than the ones I own. But now there is a problem. As usual, the tablet was connected to the Internet and received, automatically, a firmware upgrade. After that firmware upgrade, the tablet WON’T TURN ON anymore. If you turn it off (not suspend), you can’t turn on again, even pressing the button for two o three minutes. After a lot of @@##@@ to the upgrade authors, I went on the Internet, looking for a “forum” and for some info about this. The info was that ASUS knows the problem and in Taiwan there are technicians working on this.

The tablet (after a lot of tests) can be powered ON again if is connected via USB to a PC or to the charger. Well, isn’t completely dead… but I can’t connect to the charger while on the road and also I don’t want to take with me a PC just for starting the tablet ! So I realized this small tool that is my bootstrap device 🙂

As you can see, it’s simply a 3V battery (CR2025) connected to one USB plug. That’s all. With the tablet off, insert the usb cable into this device, then press the tablet’s power-on button… The tablet will start 🙂 Ok, remove quickly the “bootstrap” circuit to avoid any current flowing from the tablet into the battery (that is NOT rechargeable) and you have done. In the next picture, the device has been fully covered by insulating tape. Much more secure and professional 😉