Convert Casio QV100 cam files to jpg

I found on my PC a very old folder, probably coming from a backup, with a series of .cam files. Such files were created by a Casio application that extracts the pictures (via serial cable) from my old, but still working, QV100 camera.
Now, the problem is that I can’t view / open such files on my Win7 computer ; searching on the Internet, I found that Irfan View can handle this format and can do a batch conversion, but I haven’t such application on my PC and just need it for one shot, so I don’t like to install it. Another “simple” way seems to be perfect for me. In a forum’s thread, someone tells that you can simply rename .cam to .jpg in order to make it readable in the new format. That solutions wasn’t working for me (wrong file format error). Reading a .cam file with an Hex Editor (FrHed), I discovered that it really has JFIF signature inside, but there is a supplemental header (54 bytes) probably imposed by Casio. Removing such header and renaming the filename from .cam to .jpg, has made it readable, finally 🙂 Then, I decided to write my own application, using the FreeBasic compiler, to do this operation automatically.

Screenshot of the application

Screenshot of the application tested under Win7  (click to enlarge)

The program is a pure executable : it doesn’t need for installation. Just get the .zip, extract the .exe and put this in the folder containing the .cam files you want to convert. Run the program, press ‘c’ and the conversion starts. At the end, you will find the old, untouched, files .cam and the new converted .jpg … Hope it will be useful for you 🙂

Disclaimer: this application is provided with no explicit or implicit warranties of operation. I do not assume any responsibility for problems that may arise on the device where the application is installed. The program is a “demonstration” and no support of any kind is provided. By downloading and installing the program, you implicitly accept my terms of not taking responsibility. If you do not agree, do not download and / or install the file !

I have read and understood the note, accept the terms and want to download the file (15.816 bytes)

Note: the zip file has a password. Check the hash of the zipped file, then extract it and you will have your executable ready to run. If you don’t have a tool for computing the hash, I suggest HashTab, free for personal use.
Note: DO NOT extract or use the downloaded file if MD5 doesn’t match with the following code : MD5: 29A64B8301D0A6392435FED19286EF99

The password is: eficara