Update: a new program to rebuild the SPI flash memory contents

In my previous post here I proposed a program that was able to create the SPI flash memory contents for an Android tablet, starting from U-boot.bin and W-load.bin taken from FirmwareInstall folder of a working, original or modded, firmware rom. The previous program had a limit : the environment variables (and the boot script that is stored in the same space) were not used in the creation of the my-spi.bin output file, so when you re-program the SPI flash memory with the file produced by the old program, you must supply the needed instructions to upgrade the system via serial terminal.

Now, the new version adds the full environment variables and the necessary CRC32 code to the output file my-spi.bin, making the file much more useful and easy to use. Obviously, while in the first version you had to supply only two “input” files (u-boot.bin and w-load.bin), now you must supply a third: the env_uboot, that can be found on the FirmwareInstall/env/ folder or the usual, working, firmware distribution related to the tablet.

The instructions for use are exactly the same as for previous version, just add the env_uboot file in the program folder. As usual, the program was written in FreeBASIC and compiled under Win7. It doesn’t require installation, just unzip the downloaded file in a folder, and add the needed input files, then start the application…. that’s all. Hope this will be useful for someone 🙂

Download the zip file at this link.

The memory areas of the resultant my-spi.bin files are:

0x00000 to 0x5FFFF reserved for u-boot.bin
0x60000 to 0x6FFFF reserved for environment variables
0x70000 to 0x7FFFF reserved for w-load.bin

Remember to get the right w-load—.bin file from the FirmwareInstall folder.
Generally, in most of the tablets I’ve seen (but NOT in all), the right one has the string DDR3_700M_1066M_8bit_2_256MB in the filename. Obviously, when you copy this file in the application folder, you must rename it in w-load.bin, ‘cause the program looks exactly for that file name.