Ficara Emilio Pietro Giovanni ~ Wireless mouse inside your tablet

Hello, I used old 7" tablet (plus some circuit made by myself) as interface for house thermal control.
The problem is that when I'm on the sofa and want to manual change some parameter, I must leave the sofa (and the cat) and go to the tablet, then press the buttons on touchscreen and change what I want.
Now, I noticed that in this old tablet with CMOS camera, there are 4 free pads for connection of USB camera. This tablet arrangment has CMOS camera, so the USB isn't used; well, I decided to use it for connecting a wireless mouse.
Gone in a supermarket and purchased (expensive) 9,90 Euro wireless mouse. The miniaturized USB receiver is shown in the first picture.
Ok: as first operation I removed the metallic chassis, to gain access to the contacts; the receiver now look as in the second picture.
Now, I soldered the four wires necessary to connect to the tablet (look at the third picture).
Ok now the last operation is to solder the wires to the main board. Look at the fourth picture.
OKAY, all right, turn on and... don't works :(

Ok, I have some schematic, found on the HCH TechKnow forum, so a quick look shown me that there are two missing resistors on CS: R141 and R144.
R141 is just a jumper (0 Ohm resistor), while R144 is a 100K resistor. I soldered both of them on the circuit and started again turning ON.
Voilą :) I have a wireless mouse inside my tablet. Now I can access my program by the sofa, 'cause I used WIDE buttons on the screen for my application and I can see them at (relatively) long distance...
Ok, hope this will be useful for someone... bye

Wireless mouse USB receiver - new, never used

Oops, it has lost the metallic chassis :)

And now someone attached 4 wires...

Ok, wires connected to the pads (also 2 resistors have been added to mainboard)