Ficara Emilio Pietro Giovanni ~ My Android tablet has removable SPI flash
After two rom upgrades with wrong files, my tablet's SPI flash was unable to run again a new upgrade, so I decided to create a removable SPI flash that can be reprogrammed externally. Now my tablet can't be "bricked" anymore. If something wrong happens, I simply store a fresh copy of U-Boot on the SPI flash and start again...

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Well, I used a microSD adapter like this...

then, with small cutter I opened the adapter...

and soldered the small 8 pin SOIC spi-flash memory to the contacts, using 0.2mm enamelled wires.

After that, I closed the adapter using cyanoacrylate glue. The plastic over the memory was removed for making contact available for electrical inspection and thickness oversize.

Next step was to build a programmer using an SD card socket as connector. I used the same schematic you can find in my page ->here<-.

As final step, I soldered another SD card socket in the tablet, connecting the contacts to the pads of the removed IC with small 0.2mm enamelled wires. That's all. After spi-flash reprogramming, the tablet started again looking for microSD card with the upgrade firmware.