Ficara Emilio Pietro Giovanni ~ I did it again: removable SPI flash II
Yes, I did it again... purchased a bricked tablet, can't revive it in a "soft" way, so decided to make the SPI flash removable to rewrite it with the external programmer ( look at the previous version ->here<- ).

(click on images to enlarge)

This time I used a normal DIL socket (8 pins) connected to the pads of original smd chip via 0.2mm enamelled copper wires. Obviously, that means now I need for a DIL 8 memory chip. I looked on the on-line Farnell catalog and found the A25L040-F chip with ordering code: 1907077 at less than 1 Euro per unit.
But I can't wait, I can't wait, I will test the circuit immediatly, so decided to adapt one small smd SOIC 8 memory chip on a standard 0.100" DIL 8 socket to create a "Frankenstein" DIL 8 IC. Look at the results in the picture below...

The circuit (incredibly) worked and the tablet was revived. Yeah. A little problem, now... the tablet can't close (mechanically) due to height of the 2 sockets stacked one over the other. Okay, this time I must wait for the right components, but in meantime I updated the tablet ROM with the UBEROID version 36 that worked after small changes in the wmt_scriptcmd file. This tablet has 1024x768 screen and the script tried to open a 1024x600, locking the device. You can download my version of this script at this ->LINK<-, if interested to. Now, the specific IC is arrived and I executed a dump of the contents of working SPI flash (the "Frankenstein" one) on a bin file. After that I programmed the new chip (the "normal" one), using that file as data source; then mounted the DIL 8 chip into the socket, turn tablet on and... GO ! All working fine... Look below at the picture of new chip in the socket

Here is another picture (wide) of the board

Obviously, I modified the programmer's circuit adding an 8 pin DIL socket to host the device under programming. Nothing difficult, just wired the pins to the correspondant signals of the existent SD card connector. Look on my other pages on this subject for additional infos.