Ficara Emilio Pietro Giovanni ~ Android tablet standing

My tablet asked me for relax. After many modding and electronic surgery, it said "papi, I'm tired, can you build something to stay on and relax ?" . And I took pen and paper and wrote the G-code for my hobby CNC machine.
After grrings and rrrumbles I produced the stand for my tablet that you can see on the attached pictures. Please, note that the wrong cut isn't an error in the G-code: I did that cut after the control PC was turned off, using my hands as the controller... So you can easily understand that I'm not a good mechanic... My tablet appreciated my work and promised to automatically look on the Internet for free tickets to Cancun, Mexico to make me a present :)

The first side cut

Both sides cut

Stand mounted

Tablet now relaxing

Finally, the original drawings !
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