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Ficara Emilio Pietro Giovanni

Smartphone PocketPC source files

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Tutto ciò che trovate nel sito è stato realizzato da me ed è disponibile gratuitamente per fini non commerciali. Non mi assumo alcuna responsabilità per le eventuali inesattezze contenute nei programmi e/o negli schemi elettrici e per OGNI POSSIBILE DANNO derivante dall'uso del materiale messo a disposizione. Effettuando un download, IMPLICITAMENTE ACCETTATE di utilizzare quanto prelevato sotto la VOSTRA ESCLUSIVA responsabilità.
Everything found at the site was made by me and is available free for non-commercial purposes.I do not take any responsibility for any inaccuracies contained in the programs and / or wiring diagrams and EVERY POSSIBLE DAMAGE arising out of the material made available. By doing a download, you IMPLICITLY AGREE to use as taken under YOUR EXCLUSIVE responsibility.

This page contains some projects I realized as demos or for testing some feature of my smartphone.
They are in form of source files, to make easy to apply own changes or to use it as a base start for new projects.
If you use it for your own projects, please leave a reference to the original author of the software on your docs, thank you.

The development tool used for realizing the projects is:

Note: my smartphone Samsung SGH-i600 hasn't touchscreen, but has qwerty keyboard.
All the projects are tailored for this environment, but can work on different models using the arrow keys and OK button.
No stylus events handled, excluding, in some cases, the "Exit" control.

FBA The Creator projects

DTMF remote control tester for the circuit described here. A sort of mouse is simulated to move over the controls using only the arrow keys and the OK button.

Single player Pong game, Human Vs Smartphone.

Puzzle game, reorder 15 numbered boxes in 16 area. A sort of mouse is simulated to move on game screen using only the arrow keys and the OK button.

Jumping Frog game, help the frog to cross the river jumping on scrolling boles, while the water level increases.